Evidence Of Global Warming

The research provided on this website is intended to promote responsible human co-existence with animals and the environment.

Carbon Footprints - Carbon footprints is a catchphrase that is a general interpretation of the social impact on global warming. It stands for a certain amount of gaseous emissions that are relevant to climate change and associated with human production and/or consumption activities.

Ecosystem Impact - Effects of global warming can already be seen in the animal kingdom. Species that are being affected include Adelie penguins, butterflies, foxes, alpine plants, and spruce bark beetle.

Health Impact - The increased amount of carbon dioxide in the air increases our risk of allergy and asthma. Air pollution and increased pollen tends to make allergies worse, and increase smog in heavily industrialized urban settings.

Social Impact - 40 percent of deaths globally can be attributed to environmental factors. As crops and land in third world countries continue to dry up and deteriorate, developed nations will need to deal with an influx of immigrants seeking sustainable land.

Impact From Diet - Modern eating habits require a dependence on mass-produced foods from industrial farms. These farms consume an enormous amount of fossil fuels and emit an exorbitant amount of waste. Scientists estimate that worldwide food consumption accounts for up to 35 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.